The Educational Value Of Travelling

In Europe,after  a student passes out the university ,he or she goes out traveling .It is a part of his education.He may travel about for a year or may do so for the month,according to his means .But he goes out on travel in order to see the people of others countries to know about their language,study their customes and over all conditions .He supplements his theoretical learning by personal experience.
Travelling  many things .It makes history real.Historical accounts of ancient country will remain unreal until we go to visit important historical places.Travelling also gives us a true conception of the geographical, geological and mineral resources of our Country.It creates in us the interest for investigation, and discovery.
i love to travel,
 Travelling has more indirect lessons to teach us.The man who lives in a village is not the same man after he has visited the town.His mind become riched ,his outlook broadened ,he learns that that the world is a much bigger place than his village.The wider he travels the greater he learns.He will shed his prejudice quicker,he will able to take new ideas more promptly ,he will be less arrogant about his racial or national superiority .At the same time,comparison with the others will create in him a more thoughtful appreciation of the virtues of other people.

Travelling also develops resourcefulness.In our travels we are facing with many difficulties .Language of other place,so we feel utterly helpless .Another, an expected remittance fails to arrive in time.Third ,we run short of some necessary article which can not be obtained from all the places.The traveller will be found more resourceful in devising means to overcome these.He is ready witted,quick to invent and prompt to execute .These lessons are much greater than learning from more work.
 In order to get benefit by travelling we must learn to avoid certain pitfalls .The man who does much travelled has a tendency to be a great gossip.He often tries to draw attention by exaggerative in his deeds ,by his advertising .The traveller must learn to value of truth .He is a teacher and he can educate others out of his knowledge and experience.

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