Short Description Of Football Game

There are many out door and indoor games in the world.The football game is an out door game.I like football game most among the out door games.It is now a very popular game.In almost very school and village there is a football team.
It is played on a large  field 110 to 120 yards,long and 70 to 80 yards wide.There are two posts at each of the two opposite ends of the field.They are eight yards apart and have a bar on them.The bar is eight feet above the ground.
The football is played between two parties of eleven players on every side.There are two backs,one goal keeper,five forwards, and three half backs on each side.A ball is putted at the centre of the field .No player on either side except the two goal keepers can touch the ball with their hands.The referee who guides the game and blows a whistle and play begins .The full game is divided into two equal portion with an interval of 10 to 15 minutes between them.The sides are changed after interval .Both sides try their best to defeat the other.
i love football game
It is played by obeying some rules.Every player must abide by those rules.The decision of the referee is final in all the matters on the field.Of course ,there can be made a protest against the decision of the referee to the game committe after the game is over.
 Every player by obeying the referee`s whistle and the lineman`s flag accustoms himself to discipline of the game.As football is a game of 4s`s : stamina ,speed,shooting and skill,it makes the players balanced ,smart and hardy.On the other hand,it fosters the spirit of co-ordination,group-loyalty,team-spirit,orderly behaviour and the art of leadership.
In spite of the risk of sudden injury of fracture of legs,i like it most and play it regularly..
Written by M jhon (uk)

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