Many renowned researchers founded that Videogames can improve one’s brain as well as improve the creativity. The researchers have studied more on the adults rather than young. These researchers suggest that playing game can improve people’s perception, decision-making and creativity. The wide-ranging benefits of gaming improves hand-eye coordination and the vision. It can boost the ability of night driving. 

Playing Computer and Video games can improve your brain


The people who used to play computer and video games can make 25% faster decisions than the others. They can make decision without sacrificing accuracy. Generally people can act on their choices two times in a second, but the adept gamers can act six times within a second that is four times faster than general people. The Researchers of the university of Rochester can pay attention in six things at once, where the general people get confused to keep all things in mind.

The Researchers also show that the women who constitute about 42% of video games and computer game players- are able to manipulate 3D objects mentally. 

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