The Educational Value of Sports


The great Duke of Wellington once saw the boys of Eton school playing on the fields and was moved to say."There our great battles are won".He meant that young lads acquire on the play ground not only physical stamina but also discipline,the habit of obedience,they will win,and these virtues make them good soldiers when their country calls them to field of battle.Thus the Duke taught us that sports give us not only pleasure,but also educate us in virtues which help us to win the battle of life and existence.

We do not see little the pleasures of sports.It is very well to enjoy the delight of running about in the open field and to "feel life in every limb". These teach us lessons which we can learn discipline,obedience and tenacity,all the movement are pleasing.To develop character , not by dry as dust moral lessons,but in the course of our enjoyment of games, is a privilege which we must value.The most important lesson that all kinds of sports teach us a semse of discipline .

Discipline  goes hand in hand with duty.On the playground ,each individual player has his allotted duty to perform .He has to carry out the order of his captain discipline,duty,obedience, this is the great moral that encloses with character .
Another great virtue which sports help us to acquire  is the will to win.Life is struggle ,a constant fight against difficulties,against adversities ,against disappointments.The weak willed man resigns himself to his fate,because he has not the will to victory A sportsman takes victory and defeats as a true part of the game .The true sportsman also know the value of team sprit.

So all kinds of sports are good not only for the body ,but they are also for mind and the character .The lessons learnt on the playground will make us better soldiers in the battle field of life,in our war with adversity ,oposition,misfortune. 

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