Importances Of Radio

 Radio is one of the wonders of modern science.It is a wireless telephone.It carries voice from end of and telegraph.It can send sounds without wires.There are powerful microphones and transmitting sets.

Marconi,an italian scientist invented radio in 1934.But before this invention wireless and telegraph were invented by Maxwell,he proved that light and electric waves move at speed of 299274 kilo-metre per second.Marconi took help from this invention and worked upon it and he could give us the radio.Since then it has been at the service of man.

There are two types of radio sets.They are electric set and battery set.There are again transistor radio which require no areal and no electric current.These can be carried to any place freely. 

The importance of radio can never be over exaggerated.It delight as well as it instructs.A radio brings the whole world nearer at our very door steps.We can listen to talks,speech,music dance etc of the people of the world.We come to know them and understand them intimately and also love them.So it is possible to established a feeling of love and understanding about the people of different countries through it.Then it makes us wiser and happier day by day.We can know the present,political,socio-economical conditions of our country and of the world.

 The different parts of the world are no more far from each other.Whatever happens in one corner of the world at once it carries the news to every where.Through it we can know the day to day events of all,the countries,the thoughts and ideas of their people culture and their ways of living.The world may be brought through the radio to our homes and people are closer to be a bond of friendship.

After days hard work  the radio gives us refreshing joy and the energy.There are enough songs and play for those who want them.There are amusing  stories for children .There are talks about education and studies for students.There are running commentaries on games  and sports for those who are interested in them...

Written By Kate (student)

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