The Game Of Cricket

Cricket is a very famous outdoor games.It Is a bat and ball game.Sir Neville Cardus , the greatest writer on cricket has called it "the gentlemen`s game".He also compared it with life. In life there are many ups and downs.Soit is happen in cricket too.
The game is played between 2 teams .Each team has eleven players .The game is played in an open and plain field.Two sets of wickets are pitched in the ground 22 yards apart .One team fields and the other bats .Three fielding men are placed on one side.Six are put on the off side.The remaining two, one is the bowler and the other is the wicket-keeper.

An umpire conducts the game.With the whistle of the umpire the game begins.One bowler and one batsman take their position near wickets .The bowler tries to hit the opposite wickets with the ball.The batsman do his best to stop the ball.If he can hits the ball off, he runs to the wickets opposite to him.He goes to on running until the ball reach the bowler.The fielders of the opposite team run to the ball as swiftly as they can and send the ball the bowler.This is done to prevent the batsman from scoring runs.The batsman may be out in many ways .Such as, bowled out,run out , stumped out, caught out, leg-before wicket out and hit-wicket out.
The cricket is a healthy game.It makes the player hardy ,active and prompt .It improves the limbs a and muscles of the body.It also teaches the players perseverance,patience and obedience.It forms team, work spirit among the players.
Cricket is a good game.It teaches us discipline ,manliness obedience, perseverance and co-operation.It makes our limbs strong .So it has become a popular game today.I.C.C which is the chief authority of the cricket is trying to popolarise this game by tournaments all over the world..

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