A Journey By Air

Science has made wonderful progress in all possible ways.Now men can fly like birds in the air.A trip by air is really interesting and thrilling.
This rare opportunity ,however, came to me when i was merely 15 years old.My elder brothers working at cardiff,uk. He invited us to visit him.My parents decided to take me with them .Hearing about their decision my other brothers and sisters became jealous of me and i was feeling both unhappy and happy.I was feeling as good as i would feel during the Eid .He sent us tickets of plane .
We reached the airport in time.The officers of the airport prepared all the necessary formalities.Then they allowed us to go inside the plane was ready to take off.We got into the plane.I had my seat beside a window .In order to attain force and speed at first the plane moved along the ground on its wheels and in a few minutes,it flew into the air.

The plane was flying very smoothly.We passed over rivers towns and roads,I was really amazed with to find scene below.The boats in the rivers and the cars in the streets seemed to be moving toys.A man appeared like a doll.The land appeared to be a garden.An airhostess came.She gave tiffin to the passengers.She was amiable.As this was my first flight i fell shaken up and sick.
After 8 hours we reached ,after touching the ground it moved for a while on the wheels  .When it stopped we got down from the plane and my first trip by air came to an end.
My elder brothers was waiting at the airport.He became very glad to see us.The flight was quite comfortable and delightful to us.It will linger in my mind all through my life.

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