The Clock

Tick ! Tick ! Tick !
This is how the clock sounds and moves by and by,it goes on a cortain speed just to tell us the time.
Time and tide wait for none- so says the poet: And it is really so.You cannot arrest onward march of time just as you cannot stop the flow of tide.
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In the present age we are going on busy to busier .In order to maintain the schedule of work or its implementation we are to follow the clock time.Its a home appliance to generate the accurate time.Though it is a small apparatus but its importance is greater than any giant and costly machinery.Without clock we cannot do any single moment because the moment is recognised by clock.There would not be possible to find out anybody who will refuse the importance of clock.
  Clock is so far 3 types they are 
(A) The wall clock
(B) The time piece 
(C) The rist watch
Method of the work all of them are same but signal sounds are a bit difference.The Importance are not less than any one of them at their own place.
The clock which makes louder sound at a time called the time-piece.Suppose you are to catch train at 12 o`clock night or get up from bed in last hours of the night to attend to your lessons just before the examination?Well,there is your clock by your bed side.It will make such a loud noise just at the right moment that you must jump out of your bed.Wall clock strike bell on every after full and half an hour Wrist watch just go on its right time which we can see frequently .Modern wrist watch also ring after every fifteen minutes but it gaves very low sound.
The clock is our best friend .If you follow it and learn to do things in the right time you will be surely the happiest man in the world.

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