Evils of Smoking!

The habit of smoking is prevalent throughout the world.Even the teen-agers are addicted to this habit.But it is very bad habit.It is injurious to health.But those who become addicted to it cannot easily give up.
People smoke smoke in various ways.Among them cigarette,cigar and hukka are the most common.All these are prepared from tobacco.

There is a poison called nicotine in tobacco.While smoking the nicotine enters into the lungs of the smoker.It then mixes with the blood and spreads in the whole body.Scientists expressed opinion that one cigarette  lessens the longevity of the smoker  of ten minutes.
Boys of tender age become addicted to smoking owing to various reasons,They see their elders smoking and they become  attracted to it.They also become addicted to it by mixing with bad company.
 Many fatal diseases are caused by smoking.Smoking is the cause of many diseases of the lungs,many types of cancer of the lungs .Pthisis ,bronchitis,asthma,gastric ulcer,heart disease caused by smoking.

It is a happy sign that the of many countries and many social organizations have come forward to put a stop to this bad habit.In many countries,smoking has been prohibited in cinemas,theaters,buses and offices public libraries,hospitals,educational institutions etc ,have been declared non-smoking zones.
But the government of many poor countries  cannot stop the cultivation of tobacco as it brings a decent income to them.Many farmers are engaged in the cultivation of tobacco.Many labourers work in tobacco factories.So the production of tobacco and habit of smoking cannot be stopped.
If you can understand the bad effect then please stop smoking..

Written by Prof. Jhon Milton

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